Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Web hosting in Malaysia - How to choose a good hosting company ?
( If you are finding a web hosting company for your website, this is a MUST-READ article)

There are hundreds thousands of hosting companies out there. Most of their services are similar, so how to find a REALLY GOOD one ? Here are some things you may want to look for in a hosting company, especially if your website is part of your overall marketing plan to sell products or services.

1. Instant Support - I particularly emphasize this element is the most important element when you choosing a web hosting company. Admit it, no web hosting company can guarantee for no error occurs for your web hosting services. So, how fast is their response to your website error is critical, at least, you know what is going wrong and when it can be recovered. Before you sign up to a hosting plan with a web hosting company, You can try to write an email, asking some common questions and see how long is their respond time, or , try call them up.

2. Find a local hosting - Why ? because you won't spent too much money on calling them when you need instant help. Further more, if your website is targeting on local market, then finding a local web hosting company can help to minimize your website download time.

3. Daily Backup - Sometimes you may accidentally delete or replace some files when you are using FTP to upload your webpages to your website. With the daily backup, you can ask the web hosting provider restore it back.

4. Email antivirus and antispam - This is must-have features in today's web hosting service. it will give your extra protection besides the antivirus software installed in your computer, and minimize the junk mails you receive.

5. Control Panel - The Control Panel where you control all aspects of your account, such as managing email accounts, reading statistics, and configuring autoresponders. Make sure your hosting company has a control panel for your needs.

6. Website Statistics – From a marketing perspective, it's important to know who is visiting your site and what pages they read. Your hosting company should keep track of all of this information for you, and present it in an easy to read format. Make sure your statistics are updated on a daily basis. This is how a sample statistic looks like.

7. SEO Friendly - Yes, the quality of web hosting is also affecting the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Unfortunately, it is very difficult to prove that their web hosting is SEO friendly. Here is a tip : try go to search engines like Yahoo, MSN or Google, searching "web hosting in Malaysia" (Replace Malaysia if the hosting company is in other country) , If you can find the provider website, it mean this web hosting company is SEO frienly. BE AWARE : If it is not SEO friendly, your website ranking in Yahoo, Google or MSN will be affected too !

Finally, remember price is not the most important element, the SUPPORT is ! Paying RM 280 per year for a good service is better than paying RM 200 per year for a lousy service. The different is only RM 80/year or RM 0.22 per day and you can afford to pay the price.

If you still hesitate to find a web hosting company, I recommend you to visit ReadySpace ( This is a singapore based company with branch in Malaysia and they provide excellent support. They provide 30 days money back guarantee ! Have a try, and you know why i recommend it.

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